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Check marks in Purchased Tickets box represent credit card payment, all others have paid by check.  Everyone listed in the RSVP column are joining us! 
Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
Sally Geib (Tanton)
Tom Tanton
Julie Rader (Riccardi)
Janet MacLean (Fleming)
Susan Borovich (Borovich)
Tim Reinhard
Chuck Phillips
Ted Fair
Bob Wacker
Judy Child (ALBERT)
David Barber
Christine Keith
Michael Keith
Karen Kott (Barber)
Virginia Ferguson
Cynthia Jacobson (Bolla)
Bonnie Pattison
Jeffrey Pattison
Laurie Schwab
Tim Redmond
Marsha Roche (Manchester)
Melanie Assaf (Orr)
Brian Dooley
Barb Sudomier
Torry Chafty
Mike Ryan
Janet Shoffner (smith)
Debbie Rilling (Hopkins)
Thomas Tanton
Michael Chafty
Mark And Susan Durand (Tisdel)
Mark Tisdel
Susan Durand (Tisdel)
Maureen Kearns (Mac Callum)
Gary Hubbell
Donald Moss
Kathleen Smith (Moss)
Kelly Naragon
Grant Dilworth
Colleen Deacons (Davenport)
Joe Fetterly
Katie Naylor (Garcia)
Brian Crankshaw
Julie Hillis (Crankshaw)
Kathie Smith (Moss)
Kathleen Preininger Johns