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Cynthia Jacobson (Fullgrapp)
December 07, 1955 Professional Figure Skating Coach Single 4
Proud mom of 4 daughters...Courtney-26, Alexandra-22, Brittany-19, and Chelsea-17!  Still skating (coaching in 2 cities) and still on the ice 4-6 days a week.   Some things never change! I am in my 44th year of figure skating.
debbie cooper (harriger)
April 10, 1956 Branch Manager Married 2
Cheryl Kraft (Herbon)
December 29, 1956 retired Married 2
Retired 2yrs from Port Huron Hospital...a job I started the day after graduation.
Married to Larry for 37 years! And now have 3 beautiful grandchildren!
Being retired and a grandparent is the best!
Debbie Rilling (Hopkins)
January 13, 1956 Married 2
I have been married 29 years to Dan Hopkins and have 2 grown children and 1 granddaughter Alexa who is 14 months old.  Whoever said grandparenting is the best job is correct!  I have been a sales rep for the Hershey Chocolate Company for the past 21 years-who doesn't love chocolate!  We enjoy golfing, traveling around the state of Michigan, hanging with family and friends, and mission work with our church.
Kathleen Johns
Business Owner Married 2
 Hello Everyone!  

Chip and I have been married for 32 years.  We have two daughters that are both married now.  First grandbaby, Everett three weeks ago...and another on the way in early December!  Let the FUN begin as grandparents!  We love to spend our free time traveling, golfing, hiking and hanging out with dear family & friends.  

Excited to see everyone in July AND start planning our 50th in year 2024! XOXO
Melanie Limberg (Johnson)
Quality Engineer Married 4
Married for 2 years.  Added a son and daughter along with 4 more grandkids for a total of 4 kids and 10 grandkids.  Family dinners are busy!  Just joined Goodwill Automotive for a more challenging position of automotive quality along with working with a very diverse group of people.
Jane Shivers (Kemeling)
Profile picture
February 01, 1956 stay at home Grandma Married
Kathy Hagemann (Landis)
June 14, 1956 Administrative Assistant - Retired Married 2
I can't believe that 35 years have gone by! 

My husband Howard and I have 2 sons, Sam - 27; Joe, 24.  Our daughter-in-law, Tara, is 25.  We are also grandparents for the first time to little Brooke who was born April 20, 2009.  Howard retired last January and I just retired in May.  We hope to travel lots - and spoil our beautiful granddaughter.
Eileen McIntyre (Mackett)
January 16, 1956 Marketing and Business Development Married 2
Linda Rabe (Maurey)
December 23, 1955 Teacher Married 3
Dennis and have been married for 38 years and have three children: Andrea 31, Heather 28, and Kevin 23 (no grandkids).  Now thqt we have them all graduated from college and supporting themselves, we are planning my retirement.  Dennis retired from PHPD and St. Clair Co Sheriff Dept. and I will be retiring from PHASD in 18 months.  I've been working at Port Huron High School since 2005 as a Biology/Anatomy teacher and Chippewa Middle School before that. Two years ago we moved to a house on St. Clair River in Marine City so when I do retire, we will just sit and watch the boats go by.

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